Applied and Theoretical Mechanics (ATOM) Lab
Deptartment of Mechanical Engineering 


Dr. Shailesh I. Kundalwal

Dr. Shailesh I. Kundalwal

Laboratory In-Charge,  Assistant Professor

PhD Students

Research Scholar 

Research area: Boron nitride nano structure and their nano composite: computational modeling
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Rohit Kothari

Research Scholar

Research area: CNT-based nanocomposites
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Subhash Nevhal

Research Scholar

Research area: Flexoelectric phenomena in boron  nitride nanotubes
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Kishor Shingare

Research Scholar

Research area:  Flexoelectric phenomena in carbon nanotube-based structures
Contact: +91-9028555435 | +91-8600440655
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Project staff and Intern

Vijay Choyal

M.Tech Intern 

Research Area: MD simulation of BNNT 
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