Applied and Theoretical Mechanics (ATOM) Lab
Deptartment of Mechanical Engineering 
भारतीय प्रौद्योगिकी संस्थान इंदौर, भारत


Dr. Shailesh I. Kundalwal


  • Computational Nanomechanics of Solids
  • Finite Element Analysis of Composites
  • Nanomechanics & Micromechanics of Composites
  • Nanotechnology in Engineering
  • Smart Materials and Structures
  • Research Grants Received

  • Title of Research Project: Characterizing the thermo-mechanical and flexoelectric properties of boron- and carbon-based nanostructures [Institute Seed Grant]. Sanctioned Grant: 12 Lakh by IIT Indore. 
  • Title of Research Project: Characterizing the flexoelectric phenomena in monolayer/layered hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets and development of their nanoelectromechanical systems [2018-2021]. Sanctioned Grant: 20.5 Lakh by SERB
  • Available Research Facilities 
    The High Performance Computing Facility provides a serial and parallel facility in support of our research activities
    Equipment Name/ Funding Source
      Model, Make

    Master Node   (IIT Indore)

    2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 (Eight-core, 20M cache, 2.1 GHz, 8.0GT/s), RAM 4 x16GB)

    GPU Node1     (IIT Indore)

    2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 with high performance K80 Tesla GPU
     CPU Node 1  (IIT Indore)
    2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4
    CPU Node 2 (SERB)
    2 x Intel Xeon E5-2683 v4 (Sixteen-core, 35M cache, 2.1 GHz, 9.0GT/s), RAM 12 x 16GB)
    Software    (both CPU and GPU versions)
    Quantum Espresso, LAMMPS, PACKMOL, VMD, NanoEngineer-1, NAMD, CP2K, XCrySDen