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Dr. Shailesh I. Kundalwal

Notification 1

Opening for PhD Candidates:

(NOTE: We almost always have PhD openings on different sponsored research projects and candidates having below Qualifications are encouraged to apply throughout the year)

Essential Qualification: MTech/ME degree in Solid Mechanics or Design or Applied Mechanics or Nanotechnology or Nanoscience or Computational Material Science

Desirable Qualification: DFT and Molecular Modeling of Solid Nanomaterials, Mechanics of Composites, Multiscale Modeling 

Candidates with desirable qualification are encouraged to submit one page write-up and detailed CV to Dr. Shailesh Kundalwal ( and copy to Mr. Vijay Choyal ( via email with the subject line as “Application for PhD admission in ATOM Lab”. 

Attached following things to email:

1. In one page write-up, the candidate may write abouthis/her past research work, any relevant research project done by the candidate, his/her idea for future research or views on the above research areas based on the literature search etc.

2. CV should include complete information such as academic grades/ percentage starting from Xth standard onwards with the details of year of passing, university or college, GATE score with year, discipline, marks, all India Rank, number of candidates appeared, contact details and a valid email id. Kindly mention the work experience in detail of related field.

Notification 2

Immediate vacancies exist for high calibre UG, PG and Doctoral candidates to join the ATOM Lab at IIT Indore for implementing novel short- and long-term research projects. 

Note: Minimum internship period is 6 months and fill each and every details.

1. Apply for UG Internship - Application form (Open)

2. Apply for PG Internship - Application form  (Open)

3. Apply for JRF/PhD  Application form 


Techears day Sept. 05, 2019

News and Updates...

  1. 04/2020: Vijay Choyal received prestigouious, Indo Shastri Canadian doctoral fellowship award. He can continue research work at the Carleton University for 6 months.
  2. 02/2020: Ankit published a paper in polymer composites journal (IF: 2.268).
  3. 12/2019: Kishor published a paper in mathematical modelling journal (IF: 2.841).
  4. 10/2019: Vijay Choyal received the prestigious SERB International Travel Grant to Visit Sweden for International conference.
  5. 09/2019: Rajnish Prakash Modanwal joined the ATOM Lab as JRF.
  6. 07/2019: Deepak Kag Joined ATOM Lab as MS student.
  7. 06/2019: Nitin Luhadiya, Madhur Gupta joined the ATOM Lab as PhD students.
  8. 12/2018: Kishor received prestigious 2018 CSIR Senior Research Fellowship.
  9. 10/2018: Vijay Choyal and V. K. Choyal  published paper in computational and material science.
  10. 09/2018: Kishor's first paper from his PhD topic accepted in the Int. J. of Mechanics & Materials in Design (IF: 1.896).
  11. 09/2018: Vijay Choyal received the prestigious SERB International Travel Grant.
  12. 08/2018: Nitin Luhadiya and Madhur Gupta students from SGSITS joined ATOM Lab as interns.
  13. 08/2018: Rohit Kothari, DST Inspire Fellow, received the prestigious SERB Overseas Visiting Doctoral Fellowship to implement his research at the Purdue University (USA).
  14. 08/2018: Rohit’s paper, third from his PhD topic, published in the Heat and Mass Transfer Journal (IF: 1.233).
  15. 08/2018: Ekansh Jain, MTech Student from IET, DAVV Indore joined the ATOM Lab as an intern.
  16. 07/2018: Vijay Choyal’s paper accepted in the IEEE Nanotechnology Materials and Devices Conference (NMDC), Portland, Oregon, USA.
  17. 07/2018: Shashank Pal and Vikash Mayank, MTech Students from LPU and NIT Warangal, respectively, joined the ATOM Lab as an intern 
  18. 07/2018: V. K. Choyal, Ankit Rathi and Anuj Kumar joined the ATOM Lab as PhD students.
  19. 07/2018: The PI chaired Sessions of International Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing at IIT Indore.
  20. 06/2018: Rohit Kothari, DST Inspire Fellow, presented his research in the Proceedings of ASME International Conference on Nanochannels, Microchannels, and Minichannels at Dubrovnik, Croatia.
  21. 05/2018: The PI received the prestigious SERB Early Career Research Award Grant to implement his research on flexoelectricity in BN layers.
  22. 05/2018: Rohit Kothari, DST Inspire Fellow, received the prestigious SERB International Travel Grant.
  23. 05/2018: The PI accepted the invitation to join as an Academic Editor of Mathematical Problems in Engineering.
  24. 2016-17: The PI received the Elsevier Outstanding Reviewer Awards: Materials Science & Engineering B (Oct 16), Composite Part B (Jan 17), Int J of Mechanical Sciences (Mar 17), Mechanics Research Comm (Mar 17), Thin-Walled Structures (Aug 17), Composite Structures (Sept 17).
  25. 2016-18: The PI recognized as Elsevier Reviewer: Materials Science & Engineering B (Sept 16), Composite Part B (Jan 17), Int J of Mechanical Sciences (Jan 17), Mechanics Research Communications (Mar 17), Composite Structures (Jul 17), Thin-Walled Structures (Aug 17), Applied Mathematical Modelling (Sept 17), Aerospace Science and Technology (Jan 18).
  26. 03/2018: Rohit’s paper, second from his PhD topic, accepted in the Acta Mechanica Journal (IF: 2.11).
  27. 02/2018: Vijay’s paper, second from his PhD topic, accepted in the Acta Mechanica Journal (IF: 2.11).
  28. Jan 18: Rohit Kothari received the prestigious DST Inspire Fellowship.

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